Thursday, November 25, 2010


Harry Potter or better known as the chosen one. As everyone in this whole world already know, this week is the 2nd week the harry potter movie opens in theater.. Even though the cinema was full  and packed with harry potter look-a-likes, a.k.a kids that ask their parents to buy harry potter costumes I managed to get over it.. The best part was that a lot of them looked like Dobby and Hermione.. don't know why.. but they were all cute! So when I bought my popcorn, a friend of mine suddenly out of nowhere told me that the lead actress in the movie was in a music video.. So i didn't really believe her.. But than when I was in the cinema at that moment a guy beside me was watching the video! He was kind enough to let me see it with him.. So thoughtful.. Thank you Guy in red Gryffindor shirt. haha. Btw, Harry Potter is EPIC! Very great movie.



OMG!!! She cut her to a to a pixie cut?? Sooo cute!! After so many years with the same haircut, people are now saying she is a lesbian?? What the hell mann.. Let her be.. She is so rich she doesn't even need to care what other people think! But whatever.. people still love her! you go girl!


Ohhmiigeeeee ! I cant believe on this ! D is Gay ??? NOOO !! What happen to you dude ??!! Hell yeah..